Nevadans represent a true cross-section of this country. From Las Vegas to Reno, from the mountains and valleys of the Great Basin to the Mojave Desert in the south, from the city to the endless frontier, our ever-growing and ever-diverse communities need authentic leadership and representation that works with all of us, not just the well-connected. Right now, under the leadership of the longtime political status quo, Nevadans of all walks of life are being left behind by elected officials who would rather kick the proverbial can down the road than tackle the issues facing everyday people head on. There is a consensus of change throughout the Battle Born State—a demand for politicians that work for us instead of their own political gain. From rural Nevada to our urban cores, Kimi knows the challenges facing everyday working people in Nevada because that’s who she always has been and always will be—a hard-working Nevadan.



Our economy is rapidly transforming, and we have to prepare both our current and future generations for the jobs of tomorrow. Right now, Nevada’s workforce, education, and infrastructure have not been a high enough priority to effectively prepare for and create a brighter future for Nevada.. 


We must be bold enough to imagine a Nevada that embraces our robust tourism industry by building an economy that works for the everyday people who make it possible. We can create good-paying jobs that build us towards a better tomorrow while tackling an escalating climate crisis and an unprecedented housing crisis—these should, and will, be priorities.



Nevada is one of the most beautiful parts of the country and a staple for people seeking entertainment and relaxation alike, yet we are constantly separated from each other and from economic opportunities by a lack of investment in our critical transportation infrastructure. With a robust public transportation infrastructure, residents and tourists alike will be able to travel throughout our cities and rural areas without having to fork over high-dollar car rentals. Nevada should be a leader in rail infrastructure, particularly in the freight industry, and work to free up our constantly congested roadways on our borders—opening us up to more commerce in the process. 


Our roads are constantly being congested at the state lines, preventing everything from first responders rushing to do their life-saving work to slowing down our supply chains that go to the very heart of our economy. A robust transit system—spanning from Reno to West Wendover and everywhere in between—is a necessity to continue building a robust economy in Nevada that works for all of us. As people from around the country continue to be drawn to our state, it is important that we grow strategically  as well. Widening existing roadways, adding bike lanes, and accompanying the influx of new residents—as well as tourists—should be one of our top priorities. As Lieutenant Governor, I will also work closely with our inter and intra-state partners to help bolster our region’s supply chain capabilities.



Living in a desert state, we are surviving summers that hit 120 degrees in the South and seemingly never-ending droughts that impact every corner of our state. All one has to do is take a trip down to Lake Mead to witness the reality that the climate crisis is the greatest threat we face as a state and country. That is why we need elected leaders who will fight for us today so we can have a better tomorrow. We must hold big corporations accountable for their emissions and pollutants. That is why I pledge not to accept campaign contributions from fossil fuel companies, because the health of our state is not for sale.


By investing in solar, geothermal, wind, and hydroelectric power, we can create thousands of sustainable union jobs and lead the country in climate action. We also need to provide rural communities with the resources they need to combat wildfires and other natural disasters while building a sustainable infrastructure that brings us into the 21st century. Instead of investing in never-ending sprawl for the benefit of rich developers, we should truly invest in Nevada, making us a leader in green energy—we should be the shining example for the rest of the country.



Working-class people across the state are being driven from their homes as the cost of rent and mortgages continue to skyrocket towards unaffordable rates. The devastating reality is that Nevada is quickly becoming an unaffordable option for our families to call home. To truly combat the housing crisis threatening the lives and livelihoods of so many people, we must first acknowledge that this is an economic issue.


As we work to rebuild our job market, we must also invest in ways to bring down the cost of the most expensive portion of our household budgets: housing. Kimi proudly supports expanding shelter infrastructure and aid for our unhoused community, beginning with our veterans. She will fight to reverse the housing shortage and  unsustainably rising rent costs by investing in the construction of new homes and apartments, as well as expanding loan and state assistance programs to make sure that every Nevadan—regardless of income, has access to affordable housing.