Kimi Cole is a lifelong Nevadan who understands the struggles of daily life


Kimi Cole is a lifelong Nevadan, a retired small business owner and construction project manager, a political organizer, and a civil rights activist. She has quickly become a prominent voice fighting for equality and better representation for regular, working people all across Nevada.

In 1956, Kimi and her family moved to the Battle Born State, where she grew up and attended local public schools. The  child of a public school teacher and an upholsterer , Kimi’s childhood was filled with the struggles faced by far too many everyday Nevadans. Finding solace and an escape in the open road of their beautiful state, Kimi began racing motorcycles at 18 years old, and discovered much about themself and the incredible state of Nevada in the process. In the 1990s, they  began working in the construction industry as a project manager and a small business owner, successfully leading projects all across Northern Nevada. Taking pride in their work and doing their part to quite literally build a better Nevada, Kimi developed a reputation for finishing projects on time and under budget—while aways making sure that their crews were paid living wages.

In 2009, the mechanically minded construction worker was politically activated as she began her transition with the full, loving support of their  then-partner—a pivotal moment that shifted her reality of the systemic barriers and inequities faced by the majority of Nevadans.



"I’m a lifelong Nevadan with deep roots all across our state. I’m running for Lieutenant Governor because I believe Nevadans of all walks of life want and deserve authentic leadership, and that’s exactly what this campaign is about. Our economy, climate, and everyday life is rapidly changing, and we need someone who can help lead our transition into the new era. This past year, we have proven our resilience—fighting COVID, the climate crisis, and economic collapse—but far too many of our political leaders remain intent upon dividing us up and even threatening the very essence of our Democracy. It’s time for us to come together and continue to make progress on the promise of Nevada for every Nevadan."


—Kimi Cole, Candidate for Nevada Lt. Governor



Since then, Kimi has become a staple of the larger Nevada community, working to improve her home state. She began volunteering and staffing needle exchanges and serving at unused prescription drop-off locations. She started to sit in meetings with the Douglas County Democrats and became a prominent figure volunteering for then-candidate Barack Obama. Her deep knowledge of the Battle Born state proved to be a vital resource.


In 2013, Kimi became the Chair of the Douglas County Democratic Party—a position in which she served four terms, and she remains Chair Emeritus to this day. Then, in 2017, she was elected as the Chair for the Rural Democratic Caucus, where she’s currently serving her second term. 


She’s fought for, organized, and won significant civil rights victories in the Nevada State Legislature—hard-fought victories where she received bipartisan support.


Most importantly, Kimi is the parent of three amazing children and seven incredible grandchildren.